With today’s abundance of pollution in the environment, it is getting more difficult to prevent the skin from getting infected by pimple causing bacteria and other forms of skin conditions. The pollution further creates more damage to the earth’s natural protection against the sun’s UV rays, thus making it more harmful to the skin when exposed to it. In addition to this, foods in today’s society are more infused with unnatural and processed ingredients that can ultimately affect a person’s skin overall health, texture and appearance.

Due to these existing environmental and social elements that affect the skin, it is important to create an effective skin care regimen in order to maintain its relatively healthy texture and overall condition. These steps may be simple but require a significant amount of discipline for it to become effective.

Wash the Skin Thoroughly

The skin on the face is the most exposed to all the elements of the surroundings. It obtains more dust and dirt in its pores than any other part of the body. Remove as much dirt and grime from the top of the skin layer by thoroughly cleansing the face with a mild soap. Use two fingers of each hand to gentle rub the soap suds in a circular manner.

Exfoliation is the Key to Smaller Pores

The skin on a person’s face is not the only portion that should be given great attention. Although the face is the first part of the body others see, the skin in the other areas should be taken into consideration. Exfoliate the face once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells that clogged the pores. For the rest of the body, use a scrubbing glove to remove all the dead skin cells while promoting proper circulation

Do not pop that Pimple

Pimples are unsightly and can be painful. Although it is tempting to immediately get rid of it, popping a pimple will cause more damaging effects to the skin. Constant pimple popping can increase the appearance of pimple scars, which are definitely more permanent than the pimple to begin with. In addition to this, the hands are the number one carriers of bacteria. By popping that pimple, not only does it leave scars, it created more infection to the area due to the newly added bacteria into the open wound.

Eating Healthy Does Wonders to the Skin

Although it is highly important to keep the outer layers of the skin clean and protected, it is equally important to give due attention to the inner layers of the skin. Introducing more fibrous foods into the diet aids in the natural removal of toxins and excess bad fats from the body, resulting in healthy looking skin. For this process to go on smoothly, drinking ample amounts of water is advised.

Not all fatty foods are bad for the body. Some oils from food such as walnuts and flaxseed can fight skin inflammations from within.

To obtain beautiful and healthy looking skin, a person must not only take care of his or her outer layer of skin but to make certain that the overall health of the internal part of the body is kept in good condition.