People grow old. There is no stopping this natural cycle in life. As a person ages, not only do the bodily functions begin to gradually deteriorate, the appearance of the once supple and youthful looking skin begin to disappear. Various products in the market today aid in slowing down the visual signs of the aging process in order to prolong a person’s youthfulness.

skin aging

Although with age comes the natural aging of the skin, there are some individuals who experience signs of its premature deterioration. Some people even in their 20’s can have skin that looks dry, flaky and sagging. There are a few reasons as to why the premature aging of the skin can occur even in the youth today.

Extreme Dieting is a Bad Thing

There are countless diet programs available today that promises the most results in the quickest of time. Not all of these fad diets, however, are good for the body since it prevents the body from getting enough outside nutrients, thus depleting the its internal supply. When this happens, the skin no longer has the ability to regenerate, thus revealing gray and dry looking skin. It is important to get enough moisture into the body in the form of natural foods such as fruits, vegetable, meats and dairy products. A healthy and balanced diet is a sure way to beat the signs of premature aging.

The Sun’s Rays Can Actually Bake Skin

During the summer, many people love to soak up the sun’s rays in order to get the perfect tan. This however, can lead to the skin’s overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. This extreme exposure can burn the skin causing it to wrinkle and dry up. Having tanned skin due to sunbathing activities may look good now but the future and lasting effects are bad for the health. Asides from premature wrinkling, freckles and the appearance of dark spots, the skin can become more prone to various skin diseases such as skin cancer. When under the sun, get ample protection by wearing sunscreen and drinking lots of water.

Constant Alcohol Intoxication Makes a Person Look Old

There are countless of people, after a hard day at work, find relaxation in having a night cap by drinking alcoholic beverages to relieve their daily stresses. If a person rarely drinks, he or she is less likely to get the full blow of its harmful effects. Alcohol gives a bloated appearance to the skin because it dilates the small blood vessels that are found near the top layers of the skin. This bloated appearance is caused by the blood vessels stretching of the skin. Once the puffiness wears off, the skin is left blotchy and wrinkly due to it over stretching. Alcohol is also a known diuretic and can deplete the body’s water content. After a night of drinking with friends or work colleagues, drink a lot of fluids to restore the body’s moisture.

There are also a few other factors in the environment that enable the skin to prematurely age. These three, however, are the most common and highly dangerous amongst them all. In order to keep the skin from aging faster than it should, avoid these three major skin aging factors and look as well as feel younger, longer.